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Weeks 22 & 23 - Amusement
The easily amused are never bored.
Weeks 22 & 23
Annnd I've missed a week again, but given the level of busy that last week was, I'm not feeling bad about it. Maybe I will eke out 20 minutes today to write about THAT. I do wish I'd forced some time to write, though, because we're back to leaps-and-bounds and it makes me sad not to record them.

Sometime in the past couple of weeks, Nate has learned to latch and unlatch himself while eating. For a while, this meant that he thought it was awesome to eat for a few seconds, then turn and look around, then relatch. Sometimes the turning involved discovering new and exciting ways my nipple will or will not stretch. Ow.

Two weeks ago he also learned how to hold his own bottle. Not just hold it, but reach for it, take it from you, lift it to his mouth, tilt it back, and guzzle the whole thing. We spent five or six days with him then treating me the same way. It seems to have settled down a bit now, which is nice, but I admit it's kind of amazing to watch him figure out how to do for himself a thing I've been doing for him 5-12 times a day for the past five and a half months.

He's starting to play with toys instead of just chewing on them. He likes to shake his rattle or his plastic chain. This morning he spent 15 minutes just considering the details on a small plastic frog bath toy that I keep on the changing table because he now likes to writhe and twist and turn over on it if he's not occupied.

He can push up on his arms with confidence and can hold himself on one while reaching for a toy with the other. He's starting going after the toy he wants instead of just the one nearest to him, and will roll his way across the room to get it. He has rolled the entire length of the den more than once.

Rob says he's excited for him to become mobile. I told him 'good, because your life is going to seriously change!' No more putting the kid down on the floor and assuming he's fine while we do other things. Already he's yanked a clock off a table. I have no idea how we're going to baby proof our giant fireplace this winter. We might have to cave and buy one of those insanely expensive kid pens. I've at least seen a few on craigslist for $60 instead of $120 lately, if we're willing to drive.

We've started playing a game that involves bouncing him on the bed, which he LOVES. Most mornings he greets me with a pretty thrilled grin. He's getting better and better at hanging out in his crib by himself and I'm getting better and better at sleeping through his non-upset noises. More than once I've woken up to my alarm to find him awake, and I've had no idea he was up. I used to be unable to sleep through ANY noise he made. If I'm out of bed three times in a night, even for pacifier, that's a lot (most nights - we had a couple bad ones last week, but it's usually only a night or two). We've been pretty firm on the one feeding a night for quite a while now. The other night I actually rocked him back to sleep because he was worked up, but he didn't require feeding.

He's really fascinated with faces right now, and loves to reach up to feel your nose or grab your lip. He's fond of this when nursing, but does it a lot if I just lay next to him or lean close or hold him on my lap as well. I think he finds it interesting how different mine is from Rob's.

He loves looking in mirrors and usually grins at the baby there.

He's really starting to develop a personality. He's been fun to play with for a couple of months, but his moods are expanding beyond 'happy' and 'tired', and he's showing preferences, and there are games he clearly likes. I'm really looking forward to the next few months with him.

In October we're going up to visit a corn maze/pumpkin patch/fall festival with the nephew and fam. We went last year when I was pregnant, and I was pretty darn pregnant by then, so it's sort of a fun full circle tradition. We don't get to spend a lot of time with them alone instead of with my parents, so I think it will be a fun cousin tradition to keep up.

And then the holidays start, and I am SO EXCITED to take him to meet some of my extended family over Thanksgiving and for our first Christmas with him.

Two more weeks and I'll have a 6 month old. Man. We're so close to starting solids that I bought some bowls and have been doing reading on how we want to approach it. We're thinking about skipping the baby food phase and going straight to finger foods (called 'baby led weaning' these days, even though it has nothing really to do with weaning). I'm not looking forward to meals getting more complicated, but I am excited to watch him try new things.

I'm also hitting up a clothing swap and some giant consignment sales in the next few weeks, so hopefully I can finish up his winter wardrobe and maybe get a few more well-priced toys and MAYBE find a great deal on that giant baby fence. We'll see.

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