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Students - Amusement
The easily amused are never bored.
So the students are back this week, which means my job has gone from lazy summer days to busy busy busy most the time. It'll even out again in a few weeks to the usual happy medium, which is honestly what I prefer. Days where little is required of you are nice for a while, then drag on long and pointless.

It also means that I work Thursdays 1:30-9:30. In theory I really like this. One day a week to sleep in, or run errands, or whatever. I'm often super productive on Thursday mornings around the house. I only have about an hour after I get home before bed, but that's doable.

But tonight was my first night back and it's kind of unbearably sad to come home after Nate's already tucked into bed. I need my evening smiles and cuddles!

I'm sure we will adapt to this, as in all things - and it's worse this week because I actually went in at 11 instead of 1:30. But still. It sucks. I don't like it.

It's weird how you can see someone every day (and the middle of the night) and still miss them at random intervals. Even when they don't do much of note outside of smiling really, really cutely.

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