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Weeks 20 & 21 - Amusement
The easily amused are never bored.
Weeks 20 & 21
Annnnd it's been so long again that it's nearly next week. I think I'm just going to call amnesty and smoosh two weeks together here. They have been similar weeks so it's totally okay to do that!

We had our MRI last Friday, and Nate did well. Children's was excellent, everything ran smoothly, the nurses and doctors gave Nate lots of attention. He had his done in the surgery wing because they gave him anesthesia and put him completely under, which to be honest, was the bit we were most scared about. He is very, very young to have general anesthesia.

We did not get to watch them put him under like they do some places, which was both good and bad. They took him away from us awake and brought him back awake, if groggy. They keep you updated on his status (along with 50 other kids) on color-coded TVs that tell you if he's in prep, surgery, recovery, etc, which is nice. That said, there is nothing sadder than a Children's hospital. You look around you and realize that every one of these parents has a child who is sick, sometimes seriously so. It makes you feel like the lucky one to be there for a test that's probably going to show everything is okay.

It's kind of funny, I always thought that the thing where parents say 'I can't watch movies where children are hurt anymore' were just melodramatic and buying into this whole 'kids are your life' thing. And yet. I would not say that my son is my life, but I find it disturbing on an intense, gut-twisting level to read about or watch children coming to basically any sort of harm. Especially harm from neglect or abuse. I don't think it's because I imagine Nate in that situation, or at least not entirely. I think in part it's because having a child makes you so very keenly aware of how dependent they are on you, and how easy it is to mess up, but ALSO how easy it is to NOT mess up. To not neglect or beat or berate your child. And of how they mimic you and follow your cues and how you are shaping an entire person. The intensity with which the things you do matter to someone else is cranked up to 11.

Anyway. That was a tangent I guess, but it's one of the things about motherhood that has really taken me by surprise.

Our pediatrician called on Monday and told us all looked well. She thought we should still hear from the neurologists, but we haven't yet. I think because he has no overseeing doctor there, the communication is-- not great. I'm supposed to call the ped's office and have them get on Children's for follow up since we haven't heard from them, but work has been intense this week, so I haven't yet.

Nate is in one of his more serious phases, where he's really into watching and looking at things and not as into smiling and cackling. He started grabbing for real last week, about the time we went up to Children's. I can hand him a toy now, and he'll take it from me. It used to be that you'd put it in his hand or on his belly. Children's let us pick a free toy, so we got some more plastic chain links, and he LOVES them, because he can grasp anywhere, chew on all of it, and also wave it around wildly so it rattles together.

He's started to pay attention to the sounds his toy makes, and I gave him a rattle for the first time and he seemed really into it.

He wants to be upright more so he can see things, which sometimes makes him grouchy. He's been getting more jumperoo time because of it, and he can make it swing back and forth now. He's starting to actually play with some of those toys as well. He doesn't have the balance to sit yet, but he clearly wants to.

Rob finished Beedle the Bard and now he's reading him Harry Potter at bedtime. My mother says this is not a children's story. I say that he doesn't even know what we're reading him yet, the important thing is the words, and he's more likely to get read to if it's something Rob enjoys (IE, not repetitive board books). We'll go back to the baby stuff in a couple of months when he starts paying attention to pictures and such. Right now he still watches the ceiling fan.

He slept through the ENTIRE NIGHT for the first time this week. 11-7 on Tuesday. Of course that hasn't happened again, and the past two nights I've fed him twice, which is unusual. It's because he's had a bit of a cold for the past few days, which has made him sleepier, but then also a poorer sleeper for long stretches (like night). Rob took him to the doc's yesterday, on the triage nurse's instructions, but they said it's just a bit of a cold, nothing to be done. His breathing sounds better today, so I think he's getting over the hump of it.

This got longer than I thought. Maybe I should have split it up. OOPS.

Nate is officially 5 months today.

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bethos From: bethos Date: August 28th, 2015 04:00 pm (UTC) (Link)
I sometimes wonder how the other attorneys in my job handle it. There are three of us, all women, and the other two are both mothers -- one with a grown daughter, the other with two elementary to junior high age. And my job is literally defending child abusers. I mean, maybe you learn to inculcate yourself. I know that I basically end up shutting down or recalibrating my empathy sensors for large parts of what I do, and I think it's probably contributory to the turnover rate -- I mean, let's be clear here, they are literally paying me $5000+ a month to defend child abusers and I can't afford to dump it and just work the other job, it's not even really on my radar, but it does make me wonder about things like that.


Speaking of the reading to: my mom literally started doing this when I was still a fetus and continued with higher level books until I was old enough to start trying to read for myself, and my dad consistently attributes the fact that I started reading at 3 to the fact that they did this pretty much every night. I think the book thing in our house was one of my most formative things AND I TURNED OUT SUPER AWESOME so.
aerrin From: aerrin Date: August 28th, 2015 05:38 pm (UTC) (Link)
Yeah, I don't think I could have done your job (law degree aside!) before, but I think it would be RIDICULOUSLY hard now. It's weird, but I also think this is where some of the 'mommy war' shit comes from. We spend so much time thinking about the decisions we make for our kid that it's hard not to want to tell EVERYONE that this is clearly the best one. Having someone depend that much on you is just. Insane.

Re: books, I think that it's actually super important to read longer books to young kids, ones with engaging stories. The shorter 'kid' books are important for repetition and word recognition and teaching them how to read, but the longer, more fun ones are important for teaching them to love stories and the written word and how to focus on a story that takes longer than 20 minutes. I hope we do both.

And Harry Potter is JUST FINE for children!
2 amusements -- amuse me