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Week 50. I think. - Amusement
The easily amused are never bored.
Week 50. I think.
So here we are, three weeks short of a first birthday. WHAT.

Nate has been pretty delightful this last week. His clinginess is mellowing out, and his fourth tooth broke through on Saturday. He spends a lot of his time exploring and playing with things. Favorite toy is still the flyswatter, followed closely by the remote control. I've got to find him a good 'push buttons' toy for his birthday.

He's cuddlier, too, which I enjoy the hell out of. Sitting with him on my lap and pressing my cheek against his soft baby hair is one of my favorite things, and he barely fits anymore. This is totally how people end up with more babies.

He's really into mimicking right now, which is fun. He loves to have you pat something and then he'll pat it. He's started playing that game where I put my hand on his and he pulls it out and puts his on top of mine. He'll do high-fives about 75% of the time at home (and never when out - too many distractions). He'll mimic sounds, too.

No real signs of words yet, but he's pretty verbal. He spends a lot of his time moving, a lot of time on his feet. He can balance for several seconds without holding onto anything, but rarely does. I feel like we've got a month or so before walking, but who knows. The kid surprises me constantly.

He's laughing more at things that are 'funny' instead of just 'fun' - like being tickled or flipped upside down (he LOVES being flipped upside down). Sometimes Rob will make a face and he'll start to crack up. It's adorable.

He's very focused and slow to frustrate, which for some reason I find hilarious. Rob will play 'keep the pacifier away' with him for a good 5 or 10 minutes, and the kid just keeps trying, adjusting his angle or his hand or whatever. I watched him spend five minutes stretching up through the bars on his crib in an effort to reach his snuggie, perfectly patient while he worked on it.

My aunt keeps telling me he's such a serious baby, because when we're out, he spends all his time watching things very carefully. At home, though, he's got tons of smiles and laughs.

I've started sorting through pictures for his birthday party, and the contrast is insane. I mean, a YEAR. It doesn't feel that long, right? The pair of pants I'm wearing is older than that. And yet.

I've got 75 pictures in the folder and I haven't touched my phone yet. So uh. There's some trimming to be done. We'll get there. Eventually. I'm sure.

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