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Week 47 - Amusement
The easily amused are never bored.
Week 47
Clearly my count is off somewhere, because we hit an official 11 months on Sunday. I think just by a week though. This is really 48? That's not too bad, all things considered.


Nate's third tooth, which he's been working on for a while, popped out yesterday, so now we've got two on bottom and one on top. His teeth are super slow moving - from the time they pop through the gum to the time they're fully in is anywhere from 4 to 6 weeks, and I'd say it's nearly that long from when I think one is coming to when it pops through. I think this is probably a good thing - he's honestly a fairly pleasant teether and at worst we seem to get a day or two of crankiness. Just lots of gnawing and drooling.

His new thing this week is rocking back and forth, which is pretty adorable. He's also really picked up shaking his head 'no' at me again, though he thinks it's a game - interestingly, one he plays with me all the time, and with Rob rarely. He loves to do it on the changing table and right after nursing.

We had a little bout with constipation recently. My mom offered (out of nowhere! bless grandmothers.) to take him all night Friday and let us sleep in and have the morning off. It was glorious - and then I learned that he'd slept 8-11:30, then 3:00-5:00. AM. He has NEVER done that for me. Ever. He was fine the next night, but Sunday night he woke up a few times and was inconsolable (fortunately, all before 1 AM), and then he writhed and screamed to push out the tiniest little poop. TMI?

Anyway. Tylenol and gas drops got him through the night, and we have been working to up his water intake. I suspect that he's a little dehydrated, because we've been cutting back on breastmilk in anticipation of my no longer pumping at work when he turns one (HALLELUJAH), and I'm not sure we've been great about making sure he's getting enough other liquids.

He drinks like a champ, though, when we remember to offer. We have one of those great 360 sippy cups, and he can handle it entirely on his own and drink a good half a cup per meal. We probably need to work on the sign for 'drink' more so he can ask for it.

Cause he sure can ask for milk these days! If he REALLY wants it, he'll start to whine and just frantically clench and unclench both fists in this little adorable ball of MILK NOW MOM. It's the only sign he's great with, probably because it's the only one we're really consistent with. He'll do 'more' sporadically. We do 'more', 'all done', 'eat', and 'drink' sporadically. I also do 'bath time' with him, which he seems to know, but doesn't do.

Rob told me last night that he realized that Nate is more pleasant when I'm not there - which is true! Some of it is that I come home in time for the dinner-bath-bedtime routine, which often includes 'I'm tired and hungry' mild crankiness. Some of it is that I'm an anomaly to his routine and he wants to be on me a lot when I'm there. Both frustrating and endearing.

Most the time this kid is a hoot, though. He's (usually) pleasant and fun to be around and loves to play games. He's thrilled to pull all the rings off his stacker, he loves to be flipped upside down and thrown onto the bed, last night he was learning to high-five, he can pet the cat gently, and he loves to climb all over everything. He's pretty into books, too, and adores turning the pages.

Almost a year. Man.

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jessiedwheelie From: jessiedwheelie Date: March 2nd, 2016 05:41 pm (UTC) (Link)
Heh. We're working on pet the cat 'gently'. So far, it's "grab tiny fists of fur and yank". It's a work in progress.
aerrin From: aerrin Date: March 2nd, 2016 05:46 pm (UTC) (Link)
Haha, yeah. Nate still doesn't have 'stroking' down, but he can now pat gently. The cat still doesn't like it. It's pretty cute to watch how much he loves it, though! Sometimes he'll nose dive and bury his face in the cat's tummy.
2 amusements -- amuse me