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Week 46 - Amusement
The easily amused are never bored.
Week 46
Yesterday Nate was hugging onto his snuggie while nursing - he's started to get REALLY attached to that thing and will drag it all over the house if we let him - and out of nowhere, he starts covering and uncovering his face with it. PEEKABOO!

This morning I went in to his room to grab him after getting dressed, and instead of his usual morning routine of digging out a basket or pulling all the books off his shelves, he was laying on the floor with a book open in front of him, looking at pictures and kicking his little feet in the air.

Moments like these remind me that this kid is a person doing person-like things. Toddlerhood is so close we can taste it.

I'm pretty sure he's working on one or two top teeth, but I've decided that his teeth just move slow. His bottom two still aren't fully in, and they broke ground about Christmastime. I can feel the bumps, but they're still below the surface. I'm bracing myself for a couple nasty days near the end, but he's usually quite happy after they break through, so there's that.

Nate's pretty into books these days. He loves turning the pages and gets annoyed that he can't manage it on his own. He prefers books with pictures of real things instead of drawings. In general he just loves to look at stuff. If I have him on my lap on the couch, he often scrambles up to stare out the window, which he can do for a good 15 minutes at a time. We went out to eat Monday and he spent the whole time hanging sideways watching the waitresses walk back and forth.

PS, this kid can eat a whole Denny's kids meal and then some now.

Also PS, taking him out to eat makes me realize how freaking terrible kids meals are and how few places even have sides I want to feed him. Denny's is actually pretty great - for $3 I can get him an egg, some toast, and half a banana or an order of broccoli.

He's in a blowing mood lately, so he crawls around with his little mouth in an 'o'. He's started clucking his tongue. He'll often repeat babbling back to you, especially if you sing it. And he's started bouncing to music when it plays.

Generally almost-eleven-months is a pretty fun time with him. He gets clingy in the evenings, which I could do without, but is a lot of fun to play with, and much snugglier than he used to be. Sometimes he'll even deign to lay his head on my shoulder.

I'm pretty excited for this spring, when he'll be able to go down slides and on swings. It's gonna be wild.

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