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Week 32 - Amusement
The easily amused are never bored.
Week 32
I'm gonna pretend I posted this two day ago when I started writing it, okay? Okay.

I had a three and a half day weekend last week, which was lovely, because I got to spend a lot of time with Nate, and not so lovely, because he spent most of it being a fussy whiny pants.

His runny nose has mostly cleared up, with no other symptoms of a cold and no actual teeth, so I'm still up in the air as to the cause. I THINK I can see teeth below the gum, but nothing's poked through yet. I've read that it can take weeks, though, so who knows. Maybe this is part of his fussiness - the more I though about it, the more horrifying teething sounds to go through. I mean, your teeth come UP FROM YOUR JAW and PUNCH THROUGH YOUR GUMS. Ow, right?

Part of the fussiness also seems to stem from the onset of separation anxiety. He's had bits of it before - a few weeks ago he clearly started noticing when we left him in a room. But it's sort of cranked to eleven lately, where he wants to not only be in the room with us, but RIGHT NEXT TO US with us, preferably with us paying attention to him. On the plus side, he's gotten happier about sitting in your lap. On the downside, he wants to sit in our laps a LOT, and also to be doing things like pulling on the pages of my books. I've been grateful for our Mei Tei a few evenings, because I've put him in it and done some things around the house and it really seems to calm him down.

Today I put him down for a nap and he spent fifteen minutes just HOWLING, which he's never really done. I went in eventually and picked him up, held him for about a minute, then put him back down and patted his chest, then left, and he was fine.

The neat part of this though is that he shows real preference for wanting this person or that person (usually Rob or I), which warms your heart a little. He's also started raising his arms to be picked up. It's funny, that seems like such a usual baby thing to do, but it took almost 8 months for it to appear.

He is SUPER ticklish in his good moods. Today I could basically tickle anywhere on his body and have him in giggles. His feet and inner thighs are almost always sure bets, but his ribs and up and down his back also often work. If I sit him up after his bath (all naked) and run his fingers up and down his spine, he gets this huge grin and hunches over like it's ticklish but he loves it and then starts laughing. It's pretty ridiculous.

We've started feeding him more things that we're cooking. I gave him rice and beans and chicken when we did enchiladas this week. Last night he got some marinated chicken from our chicken chili rice bowls and some warmed pear, as well as some sauce-covered rice on a spoon. He seems to like flavorful things, even with a little spice. He'll also suck on lemons at a restaurant and seems to enjoy it! I don't even know.

He's really into playing with our digital clock and X-box controllers (and anything else with a cord), as well as pulling the books off the bottom bookshelf. I guess I need to pack that stuff up somewhere until he's old enough to learn 'no'. We also need to get a fence/gate for our giant fireplace this winter. It's gonna be hard enough keeping the floor clean so he doesn't shove bits of wood in his mouth.

Last night I went to bad (too) late and had long passed his normal 11:00 feed (I'd given him his pacifier when he woke at about 11:45), so I decided to skip it and see what happened. What happened? He slept til 2:30, 7 and a half hours after his last feed and maybe 30 minutes earlier than his usual feed, then went back to sleep. Then up for the day at 6:30, which is usual these days.

So basically I think he's ready to drop that, and I suspect he may be ready to drop the middle of the night feeding if I pushed it. I'll start with one and maybe work on the next over Christmas break, when he'll be 9 months. WE'LL SEE.

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