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Weeks 28 & 29 - Amusement
The easily amused are never bored.
Weeks 28 & 29
And another two weeks in one. You can probably tell what my life is like in general by how often I manage to write 'weekly' write-ups. Last Friday was the library dedication, which means that the last two weeks have been a flurry of last-minute panic attacks by certain people and a lot of unexpected physical labor.

But it's done. DONE. I don't think we'll have that many eyes on us again, even for opening. We have a more low-key open house for faculty, staff, and students today that should actually be a little fun. Friday was super stressful.

So! The last two weeks!

We started solids last weekend, and so far Nate has had avacados, sweet potatoes, banana, some bits of bread, and I gave him some tomato at Olive Garden yesterday. He really, really likes food, and is pretty good at feeding himself provided things are the right size and we don't mind a bit of a mess. He makes a pretty amusing 'wait, what is this?!' face for the first bite of new things, but then swiftly turns enthusiastic.

I've learned that I'm really terrible at laundry if it's more than normal wear and tear. How do I get goopy mashed avacado out of a bib? HOW DO I DO IT? Not to mention those 'peanut butter poop' stage diapers.... Fortunately, we have moved onto (TMI here I'm sure) the 'ploppable poop' stage, which is far more pleasant to deal with with cloth diapers.

Sleep is okay - I sleep with white noise now, which helps. Most nights I'm out of bed 1-2 nights, with one of those being a feed. He's still a good napper, still puts himself to sleep well most of the time. Sometimes he needs his pacifier, sometimes not. He'll often suck on his snuggie instead. He pretty much always sleeps on his tummy with his knees tucked up under him and his butt up in the air in the most adorable way possible.

He'll go up on his hands and knees now, but can't figure out how to coordinate arms and legs, so he mostly gets frustrated and goes back down to scoot. He can book it across a room if he's determined, and has started to dislike being left alone, so he's been known to traverse the short hall between living room and kitchen if he wants to join us. We have a set of two stairs down into the den that I'm hoping not to gate, and he's scooted over to investigate them several times now. He's nearly toppled a few times, but has so far caught himself. Really hoping he learns 'don't go down those'. Even if he doesn't, they're short enough that I'm not super concerned about injury.

He can sit like a pro, but gets annoyed because he can't get down and move around unless he just topples (and usually hits his head). We have put him in high chairs at restaurants 3 times now, with mixed results. He /can/ sit straight, but sometimes gets tired and annoyed and ends up slumping at an awkward angle.

We went up to visit my brother, sister in law, and nephew yesterday and spent a rainy, chilly day at a farm festival/corn maze/pumpkin patch, which was pretty fun. Nate was a trooper despite the chilly wind and poor naps. Next year I think will be super fun. I always enjoy watching my nephew (6) talk to Nate and try to play games with him.

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jessiedwheelie From: jessiedwheelie Date: October 26th, 2015 02:52 pm (UTC) (Link)
Gosh you guys are cute!

Also, don't feel bad about updates. I'm on 100% mat leave and really do nothing all day, and yet I update like once every two weeks haha. Something is better than nothing!
aerrin From: aerrin Date: October 26th, 2015 03:35 pm (UTC) (Link)
Ha! I do figure that, but I like reading back and seeing the changes from week to week, so I'm trying real hard to keep it up!

To be fair, I didn't start weekly updates until like 8 weeks in - those first few weeks/months are much busier than the later ones (when it comes to the kid, anyway)!
2 amusements -- amuse me