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Week 27 (and a half) - Amusement
The easily amused are never bored.
Week 27 (and a half)
Another week where I haven't had nearly enough time with Nate.

His sleep is better - in fact, I've nearly gotten used to only getting out of bed once, for a feed around 3-4 AM. He often doesn't do the pacifier wake-ups at 1:30 or 5 anymore. He has taken to waking up for the day at 6:30 or 6:45, which I am not fond of AT ALL. So far I have been toss a toy and pacifier in his crib and sneaking another half an hour of sleep, but we'll see how long that works. I'm hoping he'll go back to sleeping til 7:00.

He's clearly slowed down on a growth spurt. His sleep is better and he's eating less.

Let's see, what else. Still no solids, every day I think 'maybe today', and every day we end up taking dinner to my mom or home late from work or some such. Scooting like a mad man. It's now no issue at all to just traverse the room after what he wants. Many times what he wants is a cord, so we're working on baby proofing. It's hard to not have cords, though! He's pushed up on hands and knees a few times, but never for long.

He can sit for several minutes if you sit him up. I got this triangle toy from Once Upon a Child this weekend, and he really likes it. It's a great height for him to sit and play with, since he can use it to help his balance.

We had a lovely time at the clothing swap on Saturday, where Nate flirted with everyone and was generally adorable and well behaved and snapped like a champ in his pack 'n play. I got the remainder of his 12 mo wardrobe and a good chunk of his 18 mo, as well as a few 24 mo(!!) items. I expect him to be in 12 mo in early winter and 18 mo about Feb-March.

I also found several fleece sleep sacks that are a bigger size for this winter, and a really super adorable dragon halloween costume! Also his first shoes, which he's not super fond of. And all of it for free!

I have had to pause this entry 5 times now, so I guess I will wrap it up.

I filled out Nate's baby book on Monday, too. Look how accomplished I am. Go me.

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